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a glimpse into the future...


So... you may be asking, "whats next?" And honestly, I wish that I had a more concrete answer. I am currently exploring career options and investigating what kind of opportunities may fit me best. I've struggled for a while to determine exactly what I want to do -- I feel competent in many different aspects of Marketing and I am actively working to identify how all of my skills and qualities can work together to be useful in my career. Additionally, I am extremely coachable and a fast learner. I value and appreciate constructive criticism and strive to apply the corrections I've received in order to produce total quality work.

My time at SDSU has been spent sharpening my knowledge, my interpersonal, and my professional skills. I've taken courses pertaining to:

  • Marketing and Data Analytics 

  • Market Research

  • Retail Marketing Methods

  • Consumer Behavior 

  • Digital Marketing

  • Strategic Marketing Management 

During my free time, I have taken courses and learned about: 

  • Social Enterprises, Nonprofit Organizations, Certified B-Corporations, and Public Benefit Corporations.​

  • Video Production 

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Recruitment 
  • Event Planning 

  • Culinary Arts 

In the short term, I feel driven to work for companies that will allow me to discover more about how my unique set of skills is applicable to the business world. I would love the opportunity to try as many different things as possible-- I strive to be a well-rounded individual who is prepared to tackle and project that comes my way. 

In the long term, I feel passionate about working for a community oriented organization to promote the welfare of others while also being profitable. I believe in magnifying the voices of others by using my voice to speak for those who can't be heard. It would be amazing to work for an organization that works to contribute to the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ youth, advocates for people of color, or is focused on reintroducing formerly incarcerated individuals back into society. 

I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.


- James Joyce

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