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welcome to my life...

I focus a lot of time on creating content to work with brands to promote their products. I have extensive experience as a brand ambassador and lifestyle infleuncer. I use TikTok most frequently-- I have amassed over 35,600 followers on the app by making comedy videos about a variety of topics like popular TV shows, movies, and pop culture moments. I keep my page relevant by participating in trends and challenges, and recreating popular dances.

Most recently, I partnered with Milkstain Apparel to promote some of their new offerings. I was responsible for showing some of the clothes they had sent me, and also encouraging my followers to use my custom discount code for 20% off. 

My Social Media Stats: 

  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Instagram: 2,881 Followers

TikTok: 35,646 Followers 



Horseback riding has been the most long term passion in my life. I rode competitively for over ten years and won a plethora of shows and competitions-- taking home a variety of ribbons, trophies, and plaques. I first started riding when I was 8, and began taking one lesson a week every Sunday. From there, my passion and dedication grew. As I got older, I started working at the barn to be able to afford more lessons and entry fees for competitions. At 12, I spent nearly everyday with the horses, my trainer, and my friends in the stables. I mucked stalls, exercised horses, fed and watered, and took the initiative to show my trainer and my parents that I was dedicated to riding. My parents have always encouraged me to work for the things I want-- I paid for my own lessons for the first two years I rode. I remember how thrilled I was when my trainer asked me to help teach lessons. Soon after, my trainer and my parents surprised me with my first horse-- Sheridan. I continued riding through high school and was the team captain of my high school equestrian team called WAHSET. I regularly won first place, I qualified to go to state in reining, and I took private lessons outside of practices for WAHSET. Although I haven't been able to continue my riding career through college, I am hopeful that horses will be a part of my life again after graduation. 

Disciplines I've Trained and Competed in:


English Style 

  • Eventing

  • Show Jumping 

  • Hunter Jumper 

  • Arabian Hunt Seat Equitation

  • Arabian Hunt Seat Pleasure 

  • Showmanship 


Western Style

  • Reining 

  • Gaming/ Rodeo

  • Stock Seat Equitation 

  • Western Pleasure 

  • In Hand Obstacle Racing 

  • Showmanship

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